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Permaculture and the Creator Economy with Marie Poulin

In this episode of the Strangely Earnest Podcast, we chat with the one and only Marie Poulin. We talk permaculture, the creator economy, sharing revenue numbers in public, impostor complex, and more.

Marie helps business owners level up their digital systems, workflow, and product ecoystems, so they can spend more time on what matters.

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Show Notes

00:00 Preview

00:27 Introduction

01:14 Marie's Tower Garden

01:59 How does permaculture influence Marie's thinking?

08:56 Doubling down on Notion

11:02 What if Notion went out of business tomorrow?

14:21 The Creator Economy

18:02 Talking about money in public

26:09 How to grow an online course

30:28 Stacking functions

31:47 What it's like to become "well known"

33:45 The impostor syndrome is because you care

36:53 You can teach by being one step ahead

38:06 Beta test your course

41:02 The price tells a story

43:30 Next steps for Marie

45:31 Improving at YouTube

48:33 100 Ways to say the same thing

51:19 Where to find Marie online