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Existential Productivity with Khe Hy

Khe Hy is the owner of Rad Reads and creator of the excellent Notion Course, Supercharge Your Productivity. In our chat we skip right past the talk about notion dashboards or productivity hacks and dive right into some deeper existential questions.

On this Podcast we discuss:

  • introspection techniques
  • telic vs atelic activities
  • the core reasons for our behaviors
  • and much much more

I really enjoyed this chat with Khe, and I think you will too.

Full Episode

Show Notes

00:00 Teaser - On fiction books

00:46 Introduction

01:43 What Khe would have done differently if he started all over

06:02 Authentic Networking and Duty

11:28 On Introspection and Reactivity

15:30 Why bring existential questions into a productivity class?

23:14 The existential producitivty crew

25:31 Telic vs Atelic activities (Meditating to focus better at work)

31:38 The core reasons for our behaviors

31:20 How to vet a life coach

41:15 Finding new friends on twitter

42:28 What is Khe truly scared of?

44:49 Khe's favorite fiction book

46:24 Where to find Khe Hy online