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Vulnerability as Leadership with Kyle Bowe

A fantastic chat on public speaking, learning by doing, and vulnerability with Kyle Bowe.

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Show Notes

00:00​ Intro

01:13​ creativity requires letting go

03:29​ Podcasting requires active listening

04:13​ How to pick a niche

06:36​ Put content out there and see what lands

07:44​ How can you trust that a niche will emerge from doing?

09:11​ First and foremost, create what you want

10:17​ Learning in public requires psychological safety

11:35​ Learning in public helps the hive mind

12:03​ How to find uplifting communities

15:19​ What would you tell a student who’s not participating?

16:26​ Kyle’s Journey from the back of the classroom to the front

17:33​ How Kyle takes online courses

22:04​ Blacking out during a presentation

23:14​ Become a leader by being vulnerable

24:02​ How Kyle became a professor

27:13​ Teaching isn’t about you, it’s about the discussion you generate

28:56​ Get comfortable being uncomfortable

30:42​ Shifting from teaching in person to teaching online

34:55​ How to avoid the gear trap

36:09​ Learning must be fun

37:46​ You cannot design the perfect system up front

40:13​ Time spent researching gear is better spent doing

43:11​ Why we fixate on gear instead of creating

45:57​ Watching a journey is more interesting than a perfectly polished ideal

47:35​ Make friends by looking foolish in public

52:24​ Where to find Kyle online