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Meditation Misconceptions with Tasshin Fogleman

In this episode of the Strangely Earnest Podcast, we chat with Tasshin Fogleman. Tasshin has been meditating for over a decade, and has trained and taught extensively at the Monastic Academy. We talk about:

  • Different types of meditation you might not have heard of
  • Common meditation misconceptions
  • Recommendations for beginners
  • And much more

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Show Notes

00:00 Intro

00:57 Introducing Tasshin Fogleman

01:19 How Tasshin started meditating

03:44 Why join a monastery?

07:18 Vocabulary for describing different meditation practices

12:08 Style of meditation at the Monastic Academy

12:47 Common misconceptions about meditation

15:23 How would you approach meditation if you had to do it all over again

18:36 You don't have to sit still to meditate

20:55 On Loving Kindness (Metta) meditation

28:31 For beginners, Consistency matters more than technique

30:32 On standing or moving meditation

34:26 Why is most of the focus on sitting first?

36:49 Hatha yoga was prep work for sitting meditation

37:40 100 days of solitary retreat

44:19 The role of exercise in Tasshin's meditation training

46:42 On Non-Doing meditation

51:57 Final thoughts

52:21 Where to find Tasshin online