Master boring fundamentals. Play infinite games.

Hi, I’m James 👋

self-portrait of James Stuber

I’m a productivity nerd recovering from an excessive dose of rationalism.

For my whole life I’ve been obsessed with doing everything more efficiently.

I’ve gotten really good at building workflows and systems for making things happen.

Along the way, I’ve arrived at two important principles:

First, master boring fundamentals.

I’ve learned to love the boring, unsexy work because the most useful skills are gained only through consistency and practice.

With the boring fundamentals, I’ve passed the highest Japanese-Language Proficiency Test, started a company, broken a state Weightlifting record, built the Digital Productivity Coach, and more.

Then, play infinite games.

Focusing too much on efficiency can be a trap. My obsessions with systems and fundamentals should help me live better, not turn me into a robot.

My goal is to allocate as much time and attention as I can towards learning, exploration, and play.

As an inveterate productivity nerd and recovering rationalist, I’m re-learning how to have fun, be in my body, cultivate taste, and more.

Now I want to share what I’ve learned with you, through this blog, the Digital Productivity Coach, and my YouTube Channel.


Here’s a collection of articles I share often.

Other Interests

  • Weightlifting 🏋️‍♂️
  • Aquascaping 🐠
  • Photography 📷
  • Learning 日本語 🗾


Right now, I’m up to:

  • Exploring non-coercive productivity
  • Setting up the conditions to get healthy
  • Working as a Research Engineer at Zap Energy

The Pacific Northwest is my home. I currently reside in Seattle, Washington.


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