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Learn to Play, Play to Learn with Reddy

In this podcast with Reddy, we talk all things play:

  • How to play and be serious at the same time
  • What we can learn from the ways animals play
  • How mediating on our own death helps us play
  • and much much more!

Full Episode

Show Notes

0:00​ Intro

01:27​ What does play mean to you?

04:34​ Can we play and be serious at the same time?

04:44​ You never say you're 'playing' towards your goals

06:24​ Children and animals are the true experts at play

08:36​ Why do we lose the ability to play?

11:51​ Play is the beginning of our lives and play is the end of our lives

12:09​ Learning the drums through play

13:32​ Play helps with adherence

14:46​ Play - Serious - Play Circle

17:34​ How to play for people who are too serious

19:41​ Meditate on your death

20:30​ Rewind to your childhood

22:39​ Play with the constraints around you

23:14​ The moment you do something silly or irreverent, you're playing

26:39​ 3 Pillars of Play

28:17​ Why does play involve a rulebook?

28:30​ The Rules of Play

32:07​ An Artist is someone who cares

35:02​ If you love something, let the creator know!

37:42​ Remixing Austin Kleon's 'Keep Going'

40:37​ Play and emotion

42:44​ The moment a child can fake a smile, they're an adult

45:00​ Find Reddy online