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Childhood Strengths, Social Media, and Illegible Metrics with Alysson Costa

Alysson Costa is the professor I wish he had. He's currently teaching Engineering at the University of Melbourne.

In this podcast, we explore:

  • Understanding Yourself
  • How to use Social Media well
  • Academia's obsession with grades
  • And much more

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Show Notes

00:00​ Intro

00:23​ Alysson's Background

04:16​ Childhood traits stick with you

06:09​ Clifton's Strengths

07:51​ Knowing what makes you happy is like another level of happiness

10:09​ Pandemic has accelerated Alysson's understanding of himself

13:07​ Working and resting based on mood, not time of day

16:03​ Pomodoro technique feels too artificial

18:27​ It's part of the deal to get bored

19:45​ If you realize you don't want to do a masters before you do a masters, you already did a masters

20:11​ The need for context when giving advice

23:44​ Taking Building a Second Brain again, not about the apps, but how someone with the same tools as you can do something completely different

25:14​ Sharing workflows online

26:11​ Building an amazing twitter experience

28:09​ You're the sum of 500 people you follow

28:46​ Possible solution to algorithms: make them transparent?

31:28​ "Everybody needs to quit social media" is not a good solution

32:50​ Over-focus on measurable metrics

33:38​ Student's obsession with marks/grades is systemic

39:06​ The one thing marks/grades don't measure

41:47​ Looking for lost keys under the lamppost

43:13​ Questioning whether or not to stay in academia

44:33​ The spirit of engineering

45:40​ Using multiple metrics rather than one

47:11​ Where to find Alysson online