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Fuji Camera Travel Kit

I'm headed to Hong Kong and Hawaii! Here's the photography gear I'm taking.

My Travel Kit

The Gear

The X-Pro2 and 35mm f2 lens are the integral part of my one camera one lens one year project. I'm used to this 'normal' field of view, so this combo will be in use for most of the trip. Wide angles are great for travel photography, hence the 16mm. I'll use it for architecture, the tighter spaces of Hong Kong, and selfies :) . Maybe the 18mm f2 would be a better choice for it's small size and weight, but I don't own one.

The flash isn't really necessary but it's nice to have for a little fill during bright days or for backlit shots. I hate carrying a lot of gear so a full tripod isn't an option. The mini tripod isn't as nice as a real one but works if you have a ledge or table to work with.

All of this, batteries, and an SD Card holder fits neatly in my ONA Bowery Bag. This amount of gear lets me take the travel photos I want without being overly cumbersome or getting in the way of enjoying my vacation.

The Minimalist Kit

Fujifilm X100T

My girlfriend is bringing a much simpler kit: my neglected X100T. Any of the X100 Series are great for travel. They're lightweight, have a built-in leaf shutter, a flash, and are a joy to use. Plus you don't have to fret about which lens to pick ^^; Honestly, sticking to one fixed-lens camera is a better kit choice than all the gear I'm bringing.

What kind of kit do you bring along for vacations? Let me know!


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