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One Camera One Lens One Year - 3 Months In

In May I started on a year-long photography project. Based on this post by The Online Photographer, the goal is to photograph for a year using one camera, one fixed lens (no zooming!), and only black and white. Hopefully I'll learn something and quit blowing money on camera equipment.

I'm shooting with a Fuji X-Pro2 and the XF35mmF2. 35mm in APS-C has a equivalent focal length of 53mm, so I decided to shoot for 53 weeks. Instead of printing everyday, I'm posting to Instagram. Not as instructive as printing, but still forces a regular publishing schedule.

I photograph mostly street, with the occasional architecture or landscape shot.

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3 Lessons So Far

  • Work the Scene
    Too often I'll take one photo and keep walking, but my best shots come when I take the time to make a dozen or more photos of one scene.
  • Consider the background first
    It's easy to get tunnel vision and focus on an interesting subject, but it's hard to make a great photo with a poor background.
  • Bring your camera everywhere
    I'm constantly coming across interesting scenes and wishing I had my camera. No real excuse for not having a camera always.

3 of My Favorite shots


If you'd like to see my progress, follow me on Instagram. I'm always open to constructive criticism.