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Why I Love Capybaras

Why I Love Capybaras

My favorite animal is the capybara.

Capybaras are a type of rodent from South America. I don’t actually know that much about Capybaras. That doesn’t mean I can’t love them. Here are three reasons why you should love them too.

Reason number 1: Capybaras can make friends with anyone.

Capybaras are approachable and friendly towards all. Name any animal. If you google image search “capybara + animal” you’ll find a photo of the two species either snuggling or at least chilling with each other.

giraffe and capybara chilling together

During my extensive research for this article, I came across this video entitled “Why Do Animals Like Capybaras So Much?”. The video starts by raising this important question, but the host--clearly an underpaid voice actor--fails to answer the question. Instead we are treated to a slideshow of capybaras hanging out with various animal friends. The host is overwhelmed with cuteness. So are we.

crocodile and capybara chilling together

This is a photo of a Capybara chilling with a crocodile. I bet that crocodile was thinking, “I’m gonna eat that furry thing over there”, but when he crawled/slithered closer, he became overwhelmed with chill vibes. He learned that hanging out with a capybara is more fun than eating one.

With the right mindset, you can befriend anyone, even the most intimidating of animals.

Reason number 2: Capybaras aren’t pushovers.

Capybaras may be friendly, but they have and enforce their boundaries.

Some humans in Argentina decided that a Capybara home would be a great place to build human homes, and thought the rodents should leave. But the Capybaras stood their ground, and employed guerilla warfare tactics. They chewed on manicured lawns, impeded the flow of traffic, and pooped everywhere to inconvenience the invaders.

Capybara being chased

It pays to be friendly, but without boundaries, you’ll just get taken advantage of. When the line is crossed, don’t hesitate to let the line-crossers know.

"Carpinchos recuperando el territorio de humedales." - Pintura al óleo, 2021

Capybaras recovering the territory of wetlands."- Oil painting, 2021

Reason number 3: Capybaras know how to enjoy life

Capybaras know how to enjoy the little things in life. When presented with a delicious fruit, they take the time to chew the USDA recommended number of chews (32 or more chews). This allows them to savor and more fully digest their food.

In our hustle culture, taking time to be with friends can be denigrated as a waste of time. Capybaras know how wrong this is. Capybaras are social creatures, and spend most of their lives in groups of 10-20. Rather than make enemies, they befriend everyone they meet.

Capybara family swimming

A capybara’s favorite activity is to relax in a hotspring. Never in a rush to get clean and get on with their day, capybara take their time to ease into the bath. Can you imagine being a capybara, warm water soaking into your fur?

This slower approach to life is the capybara’s secret to their extraordinary chill levels. When you take time to savor the little things, you can’t help but become chill yourself.

Capybara in an onsen

I hope you more fully understand my affinity for the capybara. Friendly and chill but strong in their convictions, the capybara mindset is one I can only hope to emulate.

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