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Eyeglasses and the Fuji X-Pro2 Viewfinder

Fuji's newest flagship, the X-Pro2, has just released and we are starting to see real world reviews. While many reviews are glowing, some glasses-wearers aren't happy with the viewfinder's small eye relief. Is this really an issue or just overblown internet drama?

X-Pro2 Viewfinder

Eyepoint / Eye Relief

Eyepoint or eye relief is the furthest distance from the viewfinder your eye can be and still see the entire frame. The bigger the eyepoint, the easier it is to see the whole frame from further away. Glasses wearers are forced to be further away from viewfinders because of the distance between their eye and their glasses. Often those with eyeglasses want to have a larger eyepoint. The X-Pro2's eyepoint is 16mm.

There are trade-offs and reasons why not all viewfinders can have huge eyepoints. Note that the X-Pro2 crams an optical viewfinder (OVF) with two magnifications, an electronic viewfinder (EVF), and the little pop-up hybrid EVF all in the corner of the camera body. For more info on viewfinders, check out this in-depth article on viewfinders

If you need eyeglasses to walk around, the X-Pro2 may or may not work for you.

Compared with other Fuji Cameras

Here is a comparison of Fujifilm cameras and their various viewfinder specs

Camera Eyepoint (mm) EVF Size EVF Magnification
X-Pro2 16 .48" .59x
X-Pro1 14 .47" .6x
X100T 15 .48" .65x
X-T10 17.5 .39" .62x
X-E2 23 .5" .64x
X-T1 23 .5" .77

My Experience

Shooting the X-Pro2 with eyeglasses

I have a mild astigmatism (near-sighted) and I wear glasses everyday. That's a picture of me. I also own the X100T and am happy with it's slightly smaller eyepoint, though parts of the frame are obscured. With the X-Pro2, I can see most of the frame, but some of the edges are out of view.

In OVF mode, I can see the frame and relevant shooting information along the edges.

In EVF mode, I can see either the left or the right edge of the EVF, but not both at the same time.

Overall, it's not distracting in real world situations. I haven't missed a shot or been frustrated with the viewfinder. I doubt I would've noticed if it hadn't been pointed out online.

The X-T1's viewfinder is way larger and easier to see. I enjoy shooting with the OVF and with the viewfinder on the left, otherwise I probably would have bought an X-T1.

Your options

  • Ideally, try the viewfinder at the store
  • Otherwise, try and compare with the X-Pro1 or any of the X100 series - if you have no issue with those, the X-Pro2 will be just fine

Unless you're a pro, the experience of camera use is way more important than megapixels or high ISO performance. There's no point in having the X-Pro2's combined OVF/EVF if you can't use them comfortably. If you really like the viewfinder on the left but can't see through the X-Pro2's viewfinder, consider the X-E2. If the idea of a huge viewfinder appeals to you and you'll never use the OVF, check out the X-T1, or maybe wait for the rumored X-T2.

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