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Resolving Internal Conflict with D&D - Wendell Britt

We chat with Wendell Britt about his course, Mastering the Game of Allyship.

In this podcast we chat about:

  • Making learning fun
  • Why world-building for personal development?
  • Figuring out your superpowers
  • and much more!

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Show Notes

0:00​ Intro

0:30​ Michael Ashcroft's Alexander Technique Course

4:08​ Wendell's Allyship Course

6:53​ Embodying a desire to learn

8:12​ Pokemon card packs and personal development

10:26​ Make it fun

11:33​ It's okay to take shortcuts

14:19​ Convincing students that it doesn't need to be difficult

18:59​ Too much self-consciousness at once can lead to self-sabotage

23:38​ Give students easy quests

25:11​ People who need allyship need to be good allies to their allies

26:29​ Taking world-building to the realm of personal development

27:31​ Pivoting to larger organizations

29:40​ On course pricing

30:21​ Students need to feel a buy-in cost

32:54​ Can gain buy-in from students with low-cost info or products

33:58​ Marketing is Education

37:20​ Marketing as the final boss

38:03​ Using Worldbuilding in an online course

39:52​ For inner work to be effective, your inner world needs to feel like a real place

42:02​ What style of game did you enjoy as a child? Hide & Seek? Tag?

42:39​ Figuring out your core games frames your progress

44:48​ Figuring out your superpower

45:51​ Building your team of allies

49:57​ Internal resistance to change

50:58​ Courses as a peer creation engine

52:48​ Everyone should build a course as a learning experience

56:52​ Allyship "gym leaders"

59:34​ What kind of course is James going to make?

1:01:50​ Sharing your own personal shifts

1:03:49​ How can we scale deep personal change?